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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

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Get A Nutritional Assessment

Wouldn't it be nice to talk to a nutritional expert with 30 + years experience, explain your symptoms and have that expert rate your bodily systems, tell you what your nutritional deficiencies are and recommend the best supplements to take? This is exactly what you will receive when you get a nutritional assessment from Ilona. Our 186-question survey covers a full range of symptoms for all major biological systems. Ilona personally reviews the results of your survey, pinpoints those biological systems which may have deficiencies or are underfunctioning, and recommends the appropriate nutritional supplementation or corrective measures. The bodily systems which are rated include:

  • Metabolic Function
  • Heart Function - Fast or Slow
  • Hemoglobin - Blood, strong or weak
  • Blood - Balance Acid/Neutral/Alkaline
  • Circulation - Nervous System Balance
  • Infection - Immune System
  • Respiratory System  - 
  • Stomach - Digestion HCL, H-pylori, Enzymes,  
  • Yeast - Candida
  • Liver - Gall Bladder - Bile Duct 
  • Parasites - Overdrive 
  • Pancreas - Under Active - Neutral  - Over Active 
  • Hormones Under 
  • Thyroid - Under Active - Neutral - Over Active
  • Adrenal Function
  • Kidney-Bladder Function
  • Uterus/Prostrate - 
  • Breasts - 
  • Ovaries/Testicles  - 
  • Small Intestine -
  • Vitamin/MIneral Deficiencies
  • Large Intestine Colon - 

 Order the questionaire by email. The results of your  assessment along with Ilona's suggestions, will be sent as a file attachment to your email address.


  1. First, fill out the Online Questionnaire, being honest determines the strongets outcome. 
  2. For further support, you are welcome to email me at dancingcells@aol.com  
Nutritional Assessment - $24.95