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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017

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Herbs, Minerals, Enzymes and Vitamin Supplements are CELL FOOD nourishment.

At conception, the sperm and egg join together to become one cell. This one cell divides and multiplies into 75 - 100 Trillion cells, depending on the size of the person. Each and every cell in your body has the memory bank of the whole system. The color of your eyes, hair and skin. The size of your legs, arms and fingers. The cells are like computer chips with built-in memory. The genes you inherit may be from your mother's or father's side of the family. They can go back many generations.

The 75-100 trillion cells need daily food as nourishment to repair the energy that is used (burned up) every day. When each cell receives the proper nutrients (CELL FOOD) , they provide you with natural harmonious energy. In today's world, we are using burning cell energy faster then we can regenerate it. We expend energy through physical, mental and emotional exertion every single second of our life.

The foundation of our body, mind and spirit determines how well we can handle our daily routine and challenges. A strong foundation is great defense against disease, viruses and bacteria.

When our cells are strong, healthy and in harmony, they are able you to deal with everydays demand in life.

The following are tools for protecting and promoting cell health:

Nutritional Assessment - Get an assessment of your nutritional needs based on your symptoms or conditions. Our 186-question survey covers a full range of symptoms for all major biological systems. Ilona personally reviews the results of your survey, pinpoints those biological systems which may have deficiencies or are underfunctioning, and recommends the appropriate nutritional supplementation or corrective measures.

Nutritional Supplements - We offer an excellent line of nutritional supplements covering a wide range of health issues and concerns. This complete line of products are known for their integrity and quality at great prices. Learn to determine what supplement are for you. Due to different backgrounds and habits our needs are not the same. Seasonal changes in different  parts of the world, the overall strength of our immune system and daily habits need considerstion.