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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

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Herbs, Minerals, Enzymes and Vitamin Supplements are CELL FOOD nourishment.

At conception, the sperm and egg join together to become one cell. This one cell divides and multiplies into 75 - 100 Trillion cells, depending on the size of the person. Each and every cell in our body has the memory bank of our individual whole system. The color of your eyes, hair and skin. The size of your legs, arms and fingers. All the organs and their function. The cells are like computer chips with inherited memory. The memory in our genes can be inherit  from our mother's or father's side of the family. The sperm and egg each have an individual memory code. One out of 100 trillion sperms and one out of 100 trillion eggs gives the cell its lifes code. Not guaranteeing who's neurological memory we inherited. This is why we are different. 

The 75-100 trillion cells need daily food as nourishment to repair the energy that is used (burned up) every day. When cells receives physical, emotional and spiritual support (CELL FUEL),  we in return feel pure natural energy. In the hustle and bustle of today's world, it is essential to keep pure clean cell energy  flowing. Being in neutral the Ph is normal. To much acid or alkalinity supports Dis-Ease.

 A well balanced foundation is a great defense against stress = bacteria = viruses = parasites =                                                                            DIS-EASE.

                                                        Healthy Cells are Happy Cells   



The following are tools for protecting and promoting cell health:

Nutritional Assessment - Gives an overall picture of the the local circuit jam where the body needs support. Our 186-question survey covers a full range of symptoms for all major biological conditions. Ilona personally reviews the results of each individual survey, then suggests support for the area. 

Nutritional Supplements - We offer an excellent line of nutritional supplements covering a wide range of health issues and concerns. This complete line of products are known for their integrity and quality at great prices. Education is valuable and important. Different habits and backgrounds need specialized attention. Seasonal changes need to be addressed to keep the immune defenses ready.