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Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

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Mind Over Dis-Ease

Emotions Can Harm


Emotions Can Heal


Creating harmony between Left Subconscious & Right Conscius dife of the brain
The subconscious side of the mind holds all past family history memories.

The counscious Mind is in the Now -Today and would like to change old patterns.  Ancient inherited memories ban pruduce effects like Over Eating, Alcohol or Drug Abuse/Addictions includes Medical Drugs and  Physical and Verbal Abuse Including Dis-Ease like Cancer and many others.   Re-Balance left unconscious memories  with the right conscious desire of our mind in time produces new pattern results. Unlimited potentials are within everyone's reach. Rewrite the script to produce positive result.

"Change Your Mind, Heal Your Life."

Emotional Balance With Flower Essencees

  • Be Courageous
  • Be Responsible
  • Find Strength
  • Keep Cool
  • Open Heart
  • Release It
  • Distress Remedy
  • Flower Formula Pack (Includes All Essences)

For In-Depth understanding, click on the link below, and look up the formula.