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Make your cells dance

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018

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Mind Over Dis-Ease

Emotions Can Harm


Emotions Can Heal


Harmonize  NEW  Conscious Desire  With  Ancient Subconscious HISTORY
The Subconscious Mind Stores Past Ancient History Trauma And Beliefs 

The Counscious Mind is Strugling to Operate In Today's World. Our Needs Today Are Different  From Our Ancestors.  We meet resistance from Old Subconscious Programs which have now become Aoto Programs on Auto Pilot. Resistance Or Reverse Polarity Can Be Confusing.

Reverse Polarity Can Produce Self Sabotaging Results

Syncranizing to create harmony between the minds two hemispheres takes everyday practice. An agreement between old school programs and todays desires and needs become creative. Re-Balance  unconscious memories  with conscious desire in time produces new pattern results. Unlimited potentials are within everyone's reach. Rewrite the script without resistance and poduce positive outcomes.

"Change Your Mind, Heal Your Life."

  Emotional Stress  Balance With Flower Essencees

  • Be Courageous, Be Responsible, Find Strength 
  • Keep Cool, Open Heart, Release It, Distress 


 Hypno Visual Audio Meditation Therapy

The Mind & Acient History Understanding

Positivity, Relaxation,Self Confidence,Relax & Let Go

Freedom From Tranquilizers,Serenity

Weight/Waste Loss - Weight Control, Stop Smoking

DVD or USB   $35.00 US + Tx + S/H 

dancingcells@aol.com for current selections