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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

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Health Education: Pure & Simple

The Healthy Cell


5 Simple Ways To Build Health & Vitality

The body divides from one complete cell into 75-100 Trillion Cells. The 75-100 trillion cells are distributed into organs, glands, skin, tissue which makes up a complete body system. A healthy LIFE is a balanced communication between all these groups of cells. Our body is created self-defending, self-repairing and self restoring.

To keep our 75-100 trillion cells happy, clean nourishment is important. Our cells assimilate and convert food into energy and cell regeneration. Eating healthy foods keeps our body strong our mind clear, sharp and healthy.

Our 75-100 trillion cells need a fresh clean environment. Toxic environment produces dis-eased cells. Lymph fluid and lymph nodes need to be clean and kept flowing. The right amount of sunshine and fresh air also provide nourishing health. Since we are about 80% water, drinking an adequate amount of pure water greatly affects the efficiency of our cells. Pure water removes excess food and promotes a cleaner, more efficient environment.

To efficiently digest, assimilate,and convert our nutrients into usable energy, movement is very essential. Eating the best available foods without exercise limits the conversion process. Nutrients need to reach the cell nucleus in order to provide needed fuel for repair and regeneration. Circulation improves blood flow, incread oxygen, nutrient efficiency and most important remove excess waste. Waste accumulation in the weakest link is most often cause of Dis-Ease.  Macro-Circulation for major arteries and veins, Micro-Circulation for tiny hair strand size capillaries, most important for maintaining healthy cell life.

Free Radicals are end result of cell metabolism. Digested meals convert into energy and cell repair. Free Radicals are waste by products of all food and liquids.  The exhaust pipe on a car after burning clean fuel elimiates the waste. After digestion all foods produce Free Radicals raw or cooked. Left behind harm our body creating a home for viruses, bacteria and parasites.  These critters feed off the toxic waste trying to keep the body clean. The more waste we produce, the more micro-organisms are needed for keeping healthy cell environment.  Over-abundance of waste indicates Dis-Ease.  Efficient circulation keeps our body clean and strong  protection against  Dis-Ease.

"Our thought patterns create our reality." Behavior awareness and actions are clues to subconscious downloaded  memories of the past. Triggered memories bring forth negative actions of the past. This recently named PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Dis-order) is an underlying cause of acting out our repressed fears. A set up of mind manipulation. The response is astounding.  It is not evident of who we really are until someone pushes our buttons and we respond.  Our response to these triggers release the memory of our subconscious programs. Mind Integration therapy allows the conscious mind, our hearts desire, to communicate with the subconscious resistant mind program to allow a change for more positive harmonious positve outcome. When the conscious mind (right brain) becomes one with the subconscious mind (left brain), to creat an agreement it overides the ancient memory to create new decisions and produce new decisions called  miracles.  Positive conscious desire rewrites and replaces the new desire to produce positive changes. Struggle is a secondary outcome due to the disagreement between the two minds.