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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

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Super Deluxe Zapper

Super Zapper
  • The only Frequency Generator capable of running 8 frequencies simultaneously
  • New 3.1 MHz carrier frequency
  • Capable of outputting all frequencies from .1 to 20 million hertz
  • Capable of sweeping from .1 to 20 million hertz
  • A list of Combination Frequencies: Choose from 872 combination Frequencies that cover many Dis-Ease Symptoms: Allergies, Yeast, Virus, Parasites, Lymph, Ulcers, TB, Detoxification, Vision, Pain, Mental Disorders, Mold & Fungus, Lyme Dis-ease, Leukemia, Insomnia, Thyroid Conditions, Immune System, and many more.
made in usa

What separates the Super Zapper from other frequency generators available today?

While some manufacturers may wish to only run one frequency at a time, the Super Zapper can also do this but it has the ability to generate up to 8 individual frequencies in 8 individual pure waveforms and then output them simultaneously for a superior multi-frequency waveform.

The Super Zapper can output 8 multiple individual frequencies or one individual frequency up to 40,000 hertz. Each frequency is generated and output in a pure waveform. With its 20 MHz (20 million hertz) frequency range it has the ability to generate millions of individual frequencies in pure waveforms which can be put into individual channels and run as sequences of individual or multiple frequencies.

Some manufacturers claim that running multiple frequencies simultaneously causes the purity of each individual waveform to be lost as well as creating the possibility of canceling out or creating other frequencies.

Rarely are other frequencies created and when they are they are generally beat frequencies which are considered beneficial. Those who run multiple frequencies simultaneously are seeking the benefits of using multiple frequencies. The time saving benefit is the main reason people prefer to use multiple frequencies.

Even though frequencies combined together may seem to lose their individual clarity, all the components of each frequency are present. Think of an orchestra playing many different instruments. Though they combine together to make beautiful music, each instrumentís full sound components are still present and nothing is lost.

In order for a frequency to be canceled out, the same frequency must be introduced 180 degrees out of phase. Since the Super Zapper does not output the same frequency 180 degrees out of phase the cancelling of a frequency is not possible.

Super Zapper Technical Specs and Features:

  • Stand Alone Frequency Generator: Unlike some generators on the market today the Super Zapper was designed to be a simple to use, easy to operate, stand alone frequency generator requiring no complicated computer interface to use all of its features. Computer operated generators generally work well but many people do not feel comfortable having to use a computer to operate all of a frequency generator's options. Our customers appreciate that they are not required to have a computer to operate any of our instrument's capabilities. The computer software for programming frequencies into the Super Zapper is an option, not a necessity. Its software was designed specifically not to be a hard to use computer interface. But it is for programming channels with frequencies and restoring any lost programmed channels that may be accidentally deleted by the user.
  • Frequency range: 0.1 to 20 million Hertz.
  • Frequency output: digitally accurate frequencies converted to analog using a DAC for full analog harmonics.
  • Carrier wave frequency: New 3.1 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) carrier which produces the harmonic sideband frequencies used in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's equipment.
  • Carrier wave On and Off capability: Carrier wave can be turned off so the user can operate it as a standard low audio frequency generator.
  • Waveforms: Square and Sine wave.
  • LCD: Displays all frequencies on the LCD - not hidden program numbers like other frequency generators.
  • Programmable channels: 2000
  • Channel capability: 48 frequencies in sequence or 8 groups capable of holding 8 frequencies each.
  • Computer software: Super Zapper programmable software included.
  • Output multiple frequencies: Up to 8 audio frequencies simultaneously.
  • Eight audio frequency range: 0.1 to 40,000 Hertz
  • Output RF multiple frequencies: Two
  • Two RF frequency range: Up to 20 million Hertz.
  • Duty cycle capability: 10% to 90% square wave duty cycle (Other frequency generators typically can only run a 50% duty cycle)
  • Gating or pulsing range: 5 - 2200 Hertz
  • Gating duty cycle range: 10% - 90%
  • Channel sweep: 5 Hertz + and - of the target frequency or frequencies in all 2000 channels
  • Standard sweep: 0.1 to 20 million Hertz making it capable of running both narrow and broad range sweeps
  • Converge sweeps: Two frequencies
  • Outputs: Four - 2 red and 2 black (other frequency generators have only 2 outputs)
  • Power output: Variable up to 2 watts
  • Voltage output in audio mode: 40 volts peak to peak
  • Voltage output in RF mode: Over 110 volts peak to peak making it 9 times more powerful that standard frequency generators.
  • LED RF indicator light confirms RF output
  • AC adapters: Two switching 110/240 volt power supplies for worldwide use