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Make your cells dance

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

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About Me!

Ilona Kopaz, C.N.H.P., C.T., N.C. With 45 Years research and experience in many facets of health, including the science of living foods. Previous owner of Ilona's Health & Fitness Detox Center. Ilona is a health educator for personal growth, nutrition and herbal food consultant who believes that, given the proper nourishment,the cells can regenerate and maintain vibrant physical and emotional balance. Give your cells a chance. Ilona has Studied with and the studied the works of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Bernard Jensen, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Donsbach, Andrew Weil, Dr. N.W. Walker, Dirk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, Dr. Herbert Shelton, Mishio Kushi, John Robbins, LaDean Griffin, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, MaryAnn Williamson, Caroline Myss,Terry Cole Whittiker, Nancy Appleton, Al Carter, Gary Null, Harvey Diamond and many more.

Ilonas Expertise

  • Certifie Health Consultant
  • Foot & Body Detox
  • All Cell Detox 
  • Certified in Iridology 
  • Nutritional Kinesiology
  • Emotional Kinesiology
  • B.M.T BioMagnet Terapy
  • M.O.M Mind Over Dis-Ease
  • Bio-Feedback  Therapy
  • Colon Health & Therapy
  • Certified Living Food Educator   
  • Micro-Circulation Therapy and Reboundology.

Ilona is the previous director of Ilona's Health And Fitness 

 In Ilonas many years of education, teaching, coaching and consulting, Ilona has learned that, due to our different ancestral backgrounds, we each have a unique response to foods and  environment. Ilona's goal is to help each person understand balance within themselves. Each person responds differently to daily challenges and the effect it has on individual health. Balance promotes Peace and Harmony to produces a calm less reactive response. This makes for healthy, productive social interaction.

Dis-Ease Is Only A Symptom;

The Cause Just A Thorn.

Remove The Thorn;

Nourish The System,

And Miracles Do Happen!